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Introducing NASM's All-New "Peak Physique Podcast"

Andre Adams
Andre Adams |
Introducing the all-new NASM Peak Physique Podcast dedicated to the world of physique and bodybuilding! In this exciting podcast series, hosted by Andre Adams, NASM Master Trainer, Olympian, and IFBB Pro, we'll be your guides on a journey through the art ...
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Muscular Hypertrophy: Back to the Basics

Andre Adams
Andre Adams |
If you’re looking for an exercise program to help you effectively build mass, you may be looking for something to do with hypertrophy training. Similar to classic strength training, the goals of hypertrophy are different. One focuses on building strength ...
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Nutrition spotlight Hypertrophy

Alcohol and Muscle Growth: How it Affects Muscular Development

Jacqueline Kaminski
Jacqueline Kaminski |
As you prepare yourself a nice dinner, you may think to pair the meal with a nice wine. Or perhaps the weekend rolls around and you plan social outings with friends or relatives, in which you think to indulge in a few drinks.
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CPT spotlight Hypertrophy

What Does Creatine Do & Why You Should Use It For Muscle Growth

Neal Spruce
Neal Spruce |
Creatine monohydrate is currently the most effective performance enhancement supplement for persons seeking to improve their high-intensity exercise capacity (i.e., acute performance enhancement including the quality of each training session and ...
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Workout Plans spotlight Hypertrophy

Progressive Overload Explained: Grow Muscle & Strength Today

Andre Adams
Andre Adams |
With any training regimen the body is always in a state of adaptation. To continuously improve performance over time, your training must be modified to increase the acute variables and progressively overload the muscles.
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Research Study Nutrition Hypertrophy

Is a Calorie Surplus Necessary to Increase Skeletal Muscle Mass in Resistance Trained Female Athletes?

Nicole Golden
Nicole Golden |
Influenced by popular media and body image expectations; female strength athletes often engage in nutrition practices that may be counterproductive to a goal of skeletal muscle growth (hypertrophy). Many female strength athletes will pursue a goal of ...
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Nutrition Hypertrophy Behavior Change

Meals for Gaining Muscle: The Right Nutrition for Muscle Growth

Brad Dieter
Brad Dieter |
Gaining muscle is not quite as easy as going to the gym and lifting weights. That is just one part of the equation. In reality, gaining muscle requires two main things: a stimulus for growth and the energy to grow tissue.
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American Fitness Magazine Hypertrophy OPT Model

Built to Order: Strength and Size Considerations

Kyle Stull
Kyle Stull |
Originally appeared in the fall 2017 issue of the American Fitness Magazine. The desire to increase muscle size and strength have inspired their fair share of fads and pseudoscience, promising impressive gains if you do this or buy that. There is ...
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American Fitness Magazine Hypertrophy OPT Model

Muscular Development for Bodybuilders

Laura Quaglio
Laura Quaglio |
"Most of my training in my adult life has been with the Phase 3 guidelines. I just didn’t know it until I became certified with NASM 15 years ago,” says Aaron Guy, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, FNS, and competitor with the National Physique Committee. “Hypertrophy ...
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CES stretching Hypertrophy Muscles

Piriformis Stretches to Relieve Piriformis Syndrome

National Academy of Sports Medicine
National Academy of Sports Medicine |
Discomfort from too much sitting? Inactive glutes? Buttock and leg pain? Though small in size, the piriformis could have a big impact on keeping the human movement system moving smoothly. Addressing an overactive piriformis may be part of the solution.
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