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Introducing NASM's All-New "Peak Physique Podcast"

Andre Adams
Andre Adams
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Introducing the all-new NASM Peak Physique Podcast dedicated to the world of physique and bodybuilding! In this exciting podcast series, hosted by Andre Adams, NASM Master Trainer, Olympian, and IFBB Pro, we'll be your guides on a journey through the art and science of bodybuilding, covering everything from muscle hypertrophy and nutrition to competition preparation and beyond.

Whether you're a bodybuilding enthusiast or a fitness professional looking to enhance your expertise, the NASM Peak Physique Podcast promises a wealth of insights, tips, and inspiration to help you unlock your full potential in the world of physique and bodybuilding.

On this premiere episode, Andre will share his background, detail the high-level premise of the show, topics which will be covered, fitness celebrities and guests, and much more. Andre is excited to have you along for a deep dive into his bodybuilding journey as both an athlete and contest prep coach.

“Expect a fun-filled series with personal experiences, lots of storytelling, notable figures in the fitness industry, Physique and Bodybuilding Course study tips, and demystifying some misunderstood bodybuilding concepts. This series is great for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge on physique development as an athlete, coach/trainer, or fitness enthusiast!”

              --Andre Adams

Let’s get you to your peak physique and have some fun along the way! Click below to watch the video of the podcast or listen to the audio version.
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The Author

Andre Adams

Andre Adams

Andre Adams is a professional athlete with the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) pro league, having competed in the 2015 Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic professional physique divisions. He is also a master trainer with National Academy of Sports Medicine® (NASM), physique contest prep coach, and holds several specializations with NASM. Certifications include: NASM CPT, WFS, PES, WLS, GPTS, FNS and MT. Follow him on Instagram and LinkedIn!


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