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Random Fit Podcast: Body Composition Change & Nutrition

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Can your multi-task body composition change? In other words, can you do two things simultaneously when changing your body composition by losing fat and putting on muscle?

On this episode of “Random Fit,” hosts and NASM Master Instructors Wendy Batts and Ken Miller and returning Registered Dietician Kat Barefield, R.D., detail what it takes to lose fat and put on muscle.

Our hosts navigate the nuanced territory of concurrent fat loss and muscle gain throughout the episode. They explore the factors influencing this transformation, addressing the significance of nutrition, exercise routines, and the delicate balance necessary for achieving these contrasting goals.

With a blend of scientific insight and practical experience, this episode provides a roadmap, discussing the synergy required between dietary choices, workout strategies, and the body’s adaptive mechanisms.

Watch the video or click to listen to the podcast below.
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