Nutrition Muscles

Can Foods Boost Testosterone for Men and Women?

Jacqueline Kaminski
Jacqueline Kaminski |
Testosterone, we all know and love this hormone for helping build massive muscles. More commonly, we are concerned about its importance with men compared to women.
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The 6 Best Snacks to Eat Before and After a Workout

Bojana Galic |
Competitive athletes know every slight edge over a rival can make a big difference on the field, court, or track. That edge makes it worth the extra time running through drills, strength training, or zeroing in on nutrition.
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Nutrition Joint Health

Do Collagen Supplements Work? Here's What the Science Says

Brad Dieter
Brad Dieter |
Collagen supplements have become a significant contender in the protein supplement market and are quickly rising to the top of the list regarding what supplements people are buying.
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Workout Plans Nutrition

Exercise and Nutrition- A Marriage Made in Heaven- but for our bodies.

Mark P. Kelly, Ph.D., CSCS |
Many trainers are very well aware of the power of both exercise and nutrition to influence our performance and our health. Unfortunately, many trainers have made themselves nutrition experts and are practicing nutritional therapy illegally. Yes, ...
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Weight Loss Nutrition

How to Be Healthy Without Restricting Foods: 8 Tips for Success

Dana Bender
Dana Bender |
I have often heard clients, fitness center members, and friends share their weight loss journey through improved nutritional habits over my fifteen years as a fitness and behavioral change professional. Most of these examples and stories are positive and ...
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Weight Loss Nutrition

How To Meal Prep For Weight Loss

Jacqueline Kaminski
Jacqueline Kaminski |
When it comes to embarking on a weight loss journey, or even if you’re looking to make some minor changes in your diet and create more stability and consistency, planning ahead is always going to be helpful! Remember, what will work best for you and your ...
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Weight Loss Nutrition

Helping a Client Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals

Kinsey Mahaffey
Kinsey Mahaffey |
Most clients have a goal in mind when they start working with a personal trainer. As trainers, our main objective is to help our clients reach their goals safely and efficiently. We'll do everything we can to help our clients, but what if their goal ...
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Nutrition Recovery

Nutrition for Muscle Repair and Recovery

Geoff Lecovin |
Recovery is the return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength. Optimal recovery is best attained through an integrative approach, focusing on nutrition, sleep, and stress management.
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Research Study Nutrition Hypertrophy

Is a Calorie Surplus Necessary to Increase Skeletal Muscle Mass in Resistance Trained Female Athletes?

Nicole Golden
Nicole Golden |
Influenced by popular media and body image expectations; female strength athletes often engage in nutrition practices that may be counterproductive to a goal of skeletal muscle growth (hypertrophy). Many female strength athletes will pursue a goal of ...
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Q & A Nutrition

7 Questions All Nutrition Coaches Need To Know How to Answer

National Academy of Sports Medicine
National Academy of Sports Medicine |
With fad diets flooding the marketplace, obesity and heart disease numbers rapidly increasing, and more confusing food choices than ever before, Nutrition Coaches are in particularly high demand. This is an exciting, rewarding career for people who love ...
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