Kinsey Mahaffey

Kinsey Mahaffey, MPH, is a Houston-based fitness educator, personal trainer and health coach who developed her commitment to lifelong fitness while playing Division I volleyball. She’s passionate about helping others cultivate a healthy lifestyle and enjoys educating other fitness professionals who share this vision. She’s a Master Instructor and Master Trainer for NASM.

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COVID-19 spotlight OPT Model

Return to Gym Plan: How to Tweak the NASM OPT™ Model for Clients

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COVID-19 forced gym closures, which in turn disrupted sessions for many personal training clients. As a trainer, here are some specific ways the NASM Optimum Performance Training™ model can ease their minds as they gradually resume their routines.
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American Fitness Magazine American Fitness Magazine Winter 2020 Cardio

A Perfect FITTE: 5 Ways to Customize Cardio Programming

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Originally published in the Winter 2020 issue of American Fitness Magazine. The four words every client loves to hear: “It’s time for cardio!” (Cue the collective eye roll from clients around the globe.) As personal trainers, we know that cardiovascular ...
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