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Are You Chronically Inflamed? Put Out the Flame with these 5 Lifestyle Changes

Geoff Lecovin |
Chronic inflammation has been linked to multiple health issues that plague our society, including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, some cancers plus a range of autoimmune diseases. Here we'll highlight what chronic inflammation is and some ...
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Breakfast and Fasted Cardio – Is it Really Worth it?

Fabio Comana
Fabio Comana |
We see it, read it and perhaps even witness it – fasted cardio for weight loss. This approach is currently trending in many exercise circles, but does it really stand up to all the hype? If you are an Online Nutrition Coach, cut through the hype and ...
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Help Clients Prevent Low Back Pain Through Exercise Programming

David Cruz, DC, CSCS, FMS, SFMA |
The economic impact of low back pain (LBP) is greater than $100 billion per year and causes more disability globally than any other condition (1,2). It is the most common cause of activity limitation in adults aged 45 and younger and only second to ...
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The Aerobic Energy Pathways Explained

Fabio Comana
Fabio Comana |
A fundamental attribute of fitness has always been our relentless pursuit of new ideas when it comes to programming. Whether evolutionary or incremental in nature; trend or fad, we appear to thrive on challenging the status quo in our quest for better, ...
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Orthorexia: When Healthy Eating Becomes Unhealthy

Emily Bailey |
This year, National Eating Disorder Awareness Week focused on early detection. The earlier someone suffering from an eating disorder gets treatment the better the outcomes of recovery. With that in mind, let’s discuss when healthy eating becomes ...
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5 Yoga Hip Stretches for Increasing Flexibility

Laurel van den Cline |
Most of us sit...a lot. We sit when we drive to work, we sit at a desk, we sit at home. Even cycling, or at the gym with certain ab and weight training exercises, our hips are flexed and can become tight. It doesn't matter whether the movement is when ...
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Leveraging Digital Health In Group Training

Josh Trent |
With a surge of new fitness apps, wearable devices, and wellness technologies, trainers are beginning to enter the next level of smart coaching with the potential to garner more money from clients that are getting better results.
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Sports Performance

Donating Blood and Exercise: What Athletes Should Know

Jena Walther, MS |
Do you ever give blood? According to the Red Cross, every two seconds there’s an American in need of it, requiring roughly 41,000 donations per day. In the U.S., more than 100 million people are eligible to donate, although only about 9 million do so ...
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Pump Up Your Heart Smarts

National Academy of Sports Medicine
National Academy of Sports Medicine |
Increase your heart smarts with info on how exercise impacts your heart, how to measure fitness via heart rate, and top cardio concerns for NASM-CPTs.
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Fit versus Fat – Which Rules Your Health?

Fabio Comana
Fabio Comana |
Can a person be fit, yet also be fat? For most of us, a fair assumption would be to believe (at least initially) that the answer is ‘no’, but when you examine the research on this relationship, and the subsequent effects on mortality rates, there is no ...
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