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Donating Blood and Exercise: What Athletes Should Know

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Do you ever give blood? According to the Red Cross, every two seconds there’s an American in need of it, requiring roughly 41,000 donations per day. In the U.S., more than 100 million people are eligible to donate, although only about 9 million do so ...
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Can a Hypoxic Training Mask Improve Performance?

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Don’t be afraid of that man wearing the mask on the treadmill next to you. Even though he looks like a cross between a burglar and Hannibal Lecter, he probably means you no harm. He’s wearing what’s known as an “altitude mask,” and despite your concerns, ...
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Are Older Adults Indifferent, Scared, and Reluctant to Exercise?

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Exercise can bring numerous benefits to older adults, both physically and psychologically, so why aren’t they active enough? Sometimes the biggest challenges to training this group, or even getting them to attempt any exercise at all, are their perceived ...
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Iron: An Essential Mineral for Athletic Performance

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Trained athletes and clients alike are monitoring their intakes and percentages of critical fuels - carbohydrates, fats, and protein - but are potentially falling short on their micronutrient needs. These trace players in the diet can have a significant ...
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