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It’s an hour before your session starts, and you get a text from your client Kelly, a 33-year-old mom of two who is 50 pounds overweight, has just been diagnosed as being prediabetic, and is trying to change her lifestyle. She’s late again. This is not the first time Kelly

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Getting the most out of each workout requires more than just following a great training program. Consistent performance also requires an optimal balance between training and recovery. Mention the subject to most clients, though, and you’re likely to meet with disinterest or even resistance. Clients rarely think of recovery as

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Whether you’re a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Nutrition Coach or you’re passionate about fitness and health, stay up-to-date with the latest studies and news in the industry. We’ve rounded up five articles from this week that you don’t want to miss:  1. 5 Secrets About High-Fat Diets Over the

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The NASM-CPT Podcast Ep. 14
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This week we look at the differences between periodization, programming, and routines. These are often used interchangeably and should not be. There is a mean of delineating the three and refining not only how we speak to them, but also how we implement them. Briefly, the following are discussed: Periodization

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The news isn’t good regarding the influence of social media on the foods children prefer. In a study published in Pediatrics (2019; 143 [4]) of 176 children ages 9–11, doctoral candidate Anna Coates of the University of Liverpool found that the youth who viewed social media influencers eating unhealthy food

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