Vegetarian Egg Cake Recipe

With the release of NASM’s new Nutrition Certification, over the coming weeks and months we will be sharing recipes for some of our favorite delicious and nutrition meals. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or follow a less restrictive diet, we’ll have options for everyone. This week we start with a vegetarian

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NutritionQ & A

With fad diets flooding the marketplace, obesity and heart disease numbers rapidly increasing, and more confusing food choices than ever before, Nutrition Coaches are in particularly high demand. This is an exciting, rewarding career for people who love helping others. And for those who love being their own boss. If

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Fitness Business Social Media
Business of Fitness

There’s nothing wrong with delegating your social media posting to someone else. Just be sure that person or agency is qualified. When hiring someone to help you with your fitness brand’s content and direction on social media, ask a lot of questions. Here are a few to get you started.

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Nutrition Certification

Designed to help fitness professionals discover solutions for their clients’ health and dietary needs. Obesity, heart disease, and cancer are on the rise. Fad diets are muddying today’s culture with misconceptions and fallacies. And the marketplace is filled with more confusing food choices than ever. (Organic vs. GMO? Gluten-free vs.

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Fitness Social Media Micro Influencers
Business of FitnessFitness

Social media is ripe for fitness content, and certified fitness leaders have always had a strong impact on health-related beliefs and behaviors. So even if you don’t have millions of followers—most fitness pros don’t!—you’re in a perfect position to move forward as a micro-influencer, especially with your training credentials.

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