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How 2024 Is Shaping Up to Be the Year of Health Resolutions

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Welcome to 2024: A Fresh Spin on Health and Fitness Resolutions

As the New Year's Eve confetti settles and 2024 unfolds, we at NASM are excited to share the responses from a recently commissioned YouGov survey. This survey, which polled 1,737 Americans, ranging from the casual jogger to the gym fanatic, reveals a significant shift in New Year's resolutions. 

Moving beyond the usual suspects of resolutions, 2024 heralds a remarkable surge in health and fitness commitments, signaling a transformative year where wellness takes the limelight.

The Rising Trend: Commitment to Health and Fitness Goals

Rewind to 2023, and an impressive 75% of Americans were setting New Year's resolutions, with a spotlight on health and fitness. Fast forward to this year, and we're seeing an even greater surge – 79% are pledging to make positive changes.

Imagine nearly eight out of ten people you meet being committed to a healthier lifestyle. 

And at the top of their list? Fitness goals at 46% and wellness  at a close 41%.

Health Goals vs Generations

Surprisingly enough, there isn’t just one specific age group driving this change. 

Gen Z, our youngest and perhaps most dynamic group, has ramped up their fitness goals to 42%, showing a keen interest in holistic wellness. Think of them as the social media influencers promoting plant-based diets or the enthusiastic college students out jogging. 

Millennials are close on their heels, with nearly half focusing on fitness and a similar percentage on wellness. Imagine them as the busy young professionals who are balancing yoga sessions with their hectic work schedules.

Even the Gen Xers and Baby Boomers are in on the act, with a significant number putting their health first.

Our favorite part of this survey data? These goals aren't just wishful thinking. Many Americans feel more equipped to meet their fitness objectives in 2024, attributing this confidence to better health (46%) and learning from past experiences (38%).

Practical Strategies and Goals for 2024

But what does "focusing on health and fitness" actually mean for these groups? 

It's not just a vague ambition. We're talking about tangible goals like improving overall well-being (36%), shedding pounds (33%), and embracing healthier diets (29%).   

More young adults are swapping fast food for salads and smoothies. And the trend goes beyond the plate – bodyweight exercises, yoga, and mindfulness are each gaining a 17% following. In the year of the Wood Dragon, we can expect to see more people meditating, stretching, strengthening, and spending more time outdoors. 

The Willingness to Sacrifice for Fitness

Now, here's the kicker: the lengths people are willing to go for fitness. A staggering 35% would give up sex, while the majority are ready to ditch video games (59%) and alcohol (57%) for a healthier 2024. Our hats are off to the determination it takes to say no to a night of gaming or a glass of wine in the pursuit of fitness.

NASM: Leading the 2024 Fitness Journey

And who do Americans want by their side as they sweat towards their goals? 

Celebrity workout buddies are in vogue, with The Rock (14%) and Jennifer Aniston (12%) topping the list overall. Gen Z, however, would prefer to hit the gym with Taylor Swift (22%), showing that Taylor is not only boosting economies but also fitness goals.

Final Thoughts…

As NASM looks ahead to a new year of fitness aspirations, it's clear that Americans are not only setting goals but are also more ready than ever to achieve them. With an eye on the latest trends and a heart set on well-being, the journey to health seems to be a shared national endeavor. 

NASM is poised to continue leading the charge, offering guidance, support, and education to make these fitness dreams a reality. Here's to a 2024 filled with action, wellness, and community - one resolution at a time.

About the survey:

All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from a YouGov Plc survey, commissioned by NASM. The survey was conducted online, with fielding from Nov 20th – December 5th 2023, with a total sample size of 1,737 U.S. adults. 

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