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Older adults exercising at gym
FitnessSenior Fitness

As NASM Senior Fitness Specialists well know, older adults are a growing segment of the population—and a rewarding group to work with. Check out these amazing perks that your senior clients can enjoy, thanks to your work. A Clearer Mind All Day Long A 2019 Australian study found that 30

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Woman shrugging her shoulders

Many are aware of the touted benefits of meditation: increased awareness, decreased anxiety, enhanced peace of mind and an improved connection with the present moment. In The Artist’s Way (Penguin Random House 2016), Julia Cameron describes it like this: “Through meditation, we acquire and eventually acknowledge our connection to an

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Tech Goals for 2020 That Can Boost Your Income
FitnessThe Training Edge

A good goal for any fitness professional is to learn more about fitness technology, says Ted Vickey, PhD, founder and CEO of FitWell, a fitness technology management company based in San Diego. Becoming a power user and early adopter can differentiate you from competitors and enable you to provide added

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Exercise ProgrammingFitnessHoliday FitnessSports Performance

Originally published in the Winter 2020 issue of American Fitness Magazine. The dawning of true winter—and holiday gifts of down-filled jackets and cozy snow gloves—may have clients eagerly anticipating a day on the slopes. For those who have yet to start schussing down the mountain, circling the ice rink or shredding

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Drinking Soup Out of Bowl

Originally published in the Winter 2020 issue of American Fitness Magazine. Differences in taste perception may explain, in part, why people diagnosed with obesity tend to eat more than their counterparts with a lower body mass index, according to researchers at the University of Iowa. Recently, a team at UI conducted

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