Andrea Cirignano

Andrea Blair Cirignano is a writer, yoga and group fitness instructor, former group fitness supervisor, and mom in the Seattle area. She earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism and writes health and fitness articles for a variety of publications. In addition, she offers tips and advice for fellow fitness instructors and writers on her blog at Find her at @thesweetestfit on Instagram.

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Nutrition American Fitness Magazine

What is a Nutrition Coach and Why Are They Important?

Andrea Cirignano |
Maria wants to lose weight. The 46-year-old mother of two never lost the “baby weight” she gained after having her second child 5 years ago, and the extra 40 pounds is compounding other challenges in her life.
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CPT Nutrition American Fitness Magazine

What Personal Trainers Wish Clients Knew About Nutrition

Andrea Cirignano |
As a physical trainer, your clients hire you to help them reach a goal, and you commit just as much time and effort as (if not more than) they do. However, sometimes even the most dedicated clients are completely clueless when it comes to diet and ...
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