CPT American Fitness Magazine OPT Model Recovery

Recovery and the NASM OPT™ Model

Kyle Stull
Kyle Stull |
Getting the most out of each workout requires more than just following a great training program. Consistent performance also requires an optimal balance between training and recovery. Mention the subject to most clients, though, and you’re likely to meet ...
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Nutrition American Fitness Magazine Personal Trainer Marketing

The Effect of Social Media on Kids' Snack Choices

Alexandra Williams, MA
Alexandra Williams, MA |
The news isn’t good regarding the influence of social media on the foods children prefer. In a study published in Pediatrics (2019; 143 [4]) of 176 children ages 9–11, doctoral candidate Anna Coates of the University of Liverpool found that the youth who ...
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CES American Fitness Magazine Joint Health


Trish Muse
Trish Muse |
Chances are, at some point in your personal training career, you will work with clients who’ve had a knee replacement or are on track to get one. This can be a daunting prospect to consider, but it doesn’t have to be. With a combination of cultivated ...
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CPT Nutrition American Fitness Magazine

What Personal Trainers Wish Clients Knew About Nutrition

Andrea Cirignano |
As a physical trainer, your clients hire you to help them reach a goal, and you commit just as much time and effort as (if not more than) they do. However, sometimes even the most dedicated clients are completely clueless when it comes to diet and ...
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Research Study Nutrition American Fitness Magazine

Fall for Fish: Eat to Beat Autumn Asthma

Alexandra Williams, MA
Alexandra Williams, MA |
As a fitness professional, you’re likely familiar with exercise-induced asthma (EIA) or exercise-induced bronchoconstriction (EIB), which can cause symptoms like wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath or a tightness in the chest—particularly in cold, ...
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CPT Fitness wellness American Fitness Magazine

Emotions in Motion: Exercise as an Anxiety Intervention

Angie Miller, MS
Angie Miller, MS |
In the gym, we expect to use our body’s full range of motion. In life, we’re entitled to a full range of emotions, too. Provided we’re able to express and manage our emotions appropriately, this is healthy. But for some people, emotions can affect ...
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CPT Fitness American Fitness Magazine

The Transformation Specialist

Ryan Halvorson
Ryan Halvorson |
It’s a scene many personal trainers know well. You’re working with a client who feels defeated and wants to quit, and you have to show a little tough love. Chris Powell specializes in this. “Every time you tell me you can’t do something, I’m going to ...
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CES CPT Fitness American Fitness Magazine

Training Edge: Industry News, Insights, and Tools

Laura Quaglio
Laura Quaglio |
Build Neck Strength to Lower Concussion Risk In recent news published in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy, researchers who examined previous studies on concussion concluded that increasing neck strength “could substantially reduce ...
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Fitness American Fitness Magazine Behavior Change

Behavior Change Theory: Help Clients Stick With Their Program

Maria Luque, PhD |
Stephanie is your newest fitness client. She’s 42 years old and works 50 hours a week as a certified public accountant. She would like to quit smoking, give up junk food and get active—all the foundations of a healthy lifestyle.
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Fitness wellness American Fitness Magazine

Well Enough to Serve

Lawrence Biscontini, MA |
Our fitness careers demand an almost nonstop service-oriented approach to work. Unfortunately, constantly empowering other people’s wellness can leave us feeling empty, which is why I often tell people I mentor, “We can’t serve tea from an empty teapot.”
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