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Progressive Exercises for Post-Pregnancy

Nicole Nichols
Nicole Nichols |
As a Pilates instructor, I’ve worked with many women who wanted to regain strength and muscle tone after pregnancy. Some of them complained about abdominal pressure, pain or weakness even years after giving birth.
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warm-up Workout Plans

Warm-up in the Cold Months

Adam Annaccone
Adam Annaccone |
Exercise junkies know the benefits of a successful warm-up routine: increased blood flow, increased endorphins and activation of the neuromuscular and cardiovascular systems. Those exercisers looking to take their routine outdoors in the cold winter ...
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Workout Plans

How to Help Desk-bound Clients Thrive

Shirley Archer, JD, MA
Shirley Archer, JD, MA |
Originally published in the Winter 2020 issue of American Fitness Magazine. It’s likely that many of your clients spend the majority of their time sitting at a desk, staring at a screen. They then sit in their cars for a long commute. When they arrive at ...
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Workout Plans

The 9 Best Arm Exercises for Definition & Strength

Brian Sutton, MA, MS, CSCS, NASM-CPT, CNC, CES, PES |
Are you looking for stronger, more defined arms — the type of arms you can show off? If toned and sculpted arms are what you’re looking for, try these strength training arm exercises.
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Workout Plans

Sagittal, Frontal and Transverse Body Planes: Exercises & Movements

Andrew Payne
Andrew Payne |
We live in a three-dimensional world. Our bodies need the ability to move in all three dimensions.
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CPT Workout Plans

Exercise Progressions and Regressions: How To's of Scaling Movement

Ken Miller
Ken Miller |
“You need good form,” or “technique is everything” are just a couple of the staple statements you hear fitness professionals and strength coaches say. This is what personal trainers are known and hired for, making sure that the client is using good ...
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CPT Group Fitness Workout Plans

Embracing the Group Effect

Ingrid Owen |
As group fitness instructors (and hybrid trainers), we know that members join our facilities for various reasons, with the primary reason to improve their fitness and health. Clearly the simplicity of that motivation does not mean it's easy to meet or ...
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CPT Fitness Sports Performance Workout Plans

Understanding Muscle Atrophy: Use It or Lose It

Jerod Langness, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, WLS, Master Trainer |
It is often said, “If you don’t use it, you lose it,” but it is rarely discussed what exactly “it” is. With our bodies being so complex it is important to have an understanding of what occurs when getting in shape and when we start down the ...
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CES Workout Plans

The Workday Boost! Beat a Desk-bound Posture with this Workout!

National Academy of Sports Medicine
National Academy of Sports Medicine |
Desk-bound employees can develop a hunched posture that saps energy and strength. Here’s a safe-for-the-office routine that can help. For many people, nine-hour workdays are the minimum—and lunch breaks are short or taken at the desk. Even if the person ...
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CPT Sports Performance Workout Plans

Strength Exercises for Cyclists: Cycling Workout Plan

National Academy of Sports Medicine
National Academy of Sports Medicine |
The sport of cycling can be as challenging as the rider wants it to be. Meeting that challenge means developing power in the prime lower-body movers, particularly the quads and glutes, while creating balanced strength in the supporting muscles. It ...
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