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Warm-up in the Cold Months

Adam Annaccone
Adam Annaccone
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Exercise junkies know the benefits of a successful warm-up routine: increased blood flow, increased endorphins and activation of the neuromuscular and cardiovascular systems. Those exercisers looking to take their routine outdoors in the cold winter months understand the importance of a warm-up program.  

Far too often though, you see people skipping the warm-up or hear the same excuses: “I’ll get too hot with all these clothes on” or “why would I warm up inside just to cool off once I get outside?” However, skipping the warm-up potentially places you at risk for injury. This winter season, ensure it is only the temperature that cools and follow this simple warm-up routine to minimize your risk of injury and to optimize your performance. 

Benefits of a Warm-up

Table of benefits and effects of a warm-up

Dynamic Warm-Up Program 

Exercise Duration/Sets/Reps 
Bike/Stepper/Elliptical Goal: Increase your heartrate; workup a light sweat  7-10 minutes 
Hip Swings: Front to Back  30x each leg 
Hip Swings: Side-to-Side  30x each leg 
Arm Circles (forward and backwards) Small circles progressing to large circles  30x forward for each arm 30x backward for each arm 
10 Yard Walking Knee Hugs  1x 
10 Yard Walking Straight Leg Kicks  1x 
10 Yard Walking Lunges with a Twist  1x 
10 Yard Butt Kicks  1x 
10 Yard High Knees  1x 
Single Leg Balance Reach  12-15 reps each leg 
Side Lunge  12-15 reps each leg 
Squat to Calf Raise  12-15 reps 
90° Rotational Squat Jumps  6-8 reps 
Ice Skater  20x 
Zig-Zag Hops to Stabilization  30x 
10 Yard Forward Jog  1x 
10 Yard Backward Jog  1x 
10 Yard Shuffle   1x each direction 
10 Yard Carioca  1x each direction 
10 Yard 75% Jog  2x 
10 Yard Sprint  2x 


Read also, dynamic stretches demonstrated, for more warm-up examples. 

The Author

Adam Annaccone

Adam Annaccone

Dr. Adam Annaccone is the Program Manager for Sports Science at Children’s Health Andrews Institute in Plano, TX responsible for developing services, programs, and protocols utilizing the latest technology for the departments of orthopedics, rehabilitation, and performance. In this role, Dr. Annaccone collaborates with a team of professionals, including Orthopedic Surgeons, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Performance Coaches, Neuropsychologists, and Administrators, to enhance clinical practice and outcomes. For over 15 years, Adam has worked as a Board Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer, a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist with a range of organizations from amateur to professional. He is an Independent Contractor for several NBA players and other professional athletes, providing movement assessments and targeted neuromuscular manual therapy and corrective/performance exercise programs and serves as a consulting practitioner for the Dallas Mavericks. Additionally, Adam is Adjunct Faculty for George Mason University in the Exercise, Fitness and Health Promotion Department and the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. He is also a consultant for the newly formed Sports Therapy Academic Program at Ono Academic College in Tel Aviv, Israel. Prior to moving to Texas, Dr. Annaccone spent three seasons with the NBA Phoenix Suns organization on their highly regarded sports medicine staff, serving as Performance & Recovery Specialist/ Assistant Athletic Trainer. As a distinguished presenter, Adam has provided over 60 presentations, both nationally and internationally. In 2013, he was recognized by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) with the NATA Young Professionals’ Committee National Distinction Award. Adam has been an active member of the profession of athletic training, serving on various local, regional and national athletic training committees; most recently serving as the District Representative for Texas and Arkansas for the NATA Government Affairs Committee. He received his Doctoral degree from Indiana University of PA in 2017, a Master’s degree from Clarion University in 2006 and completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA.


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