Senior Fitness Core Training

Core Exercises for Seniors: Why Training The Core is Essential for Older Populations

Nicole Golden
Nicole Golden |
Core stability and strength, while an important component of any person's fitness profile, is critical for the health and well-being of older adults. Conditions such as balance and coordination deficits, back pain, poor muscle endurance overall can be ...
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Core Training

How to Get Rid of Love Handles: Dispelling Body Fat Myths

Nicole Golden
Nicole Golden |
Spare tire, breadbasket, muffin top, Jello pudding pack, and love handles are all terms synonymous with abdominal (belly) fat.
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Core Training Muscles

How to Get Better at Push-Ups (NASM Guide to Push-Ups Part 2)

Tony Ambler-Wright |
If you were able to try out the standard push-up stated in our first article of this series and found it to be more challenging than what you've been doing, this is excellent news! Most often, when the push-up is done correctly, we find it to be more ...
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American Fitness Magazine Core Training

Core Objectives: Making a Case for Progressive Core Training

Rick Richey, MS
Rick Richey, MS |
Some fitness trainers see the word “core” as gimmicky and replace it with words like “trunk,” “center” or “column.” Others resist the term because they feel it lacks a clear definition. Here’s an easy, if slightly disconcerting, way to visualize the ...
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Women's Fitness Workout Plans Core Training

Progressive Exercises for Post-Pregnancy

Nicole Nichols
Nicole Nichols |
As a Pilates instructor, I’ve worked with many women who wanted to regain strength and muscle tone after pregnancy. Some of them complained about abdominal pressure, pain or weakness even years after giving birth.
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CPT Fitness NASM CPT Podcast Core Training

The NASM-CPT Podcast: Core Training Overview

National Academy of Sports Medicine
National Academy of Sports Medicine |
Even the biggest bodybuilder with the best set of “Abs” may have a weak core as storied in this episode of the NASM-CPT Podcast. Rick talks about the biggest person he’s ever met in real life and how his core stabilization system was … less than ...
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Women's Fitness Core Training

How to Prevent Diastasis Recti (with Crunches)

Tatum Rebelle |
Diastasis recti abdominis (DRA) has become a hot topic as more and more women's fitness professionals advertise programs that promise to prevent or fix the condition. While it is a terrifying thought for most, DRA is a reality for up to 70% of pregnant ...
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