Sports Performance Workout Plans

Winterize Clients for Cold-Weather Sports

Tony Ambler-Wright | 0
January and February are good times to check in with clients and find out if they identify more with Mr. Heat Miser or Mr. Snow Miser. Those who “never want to know a day that’s over 40 degrees” may be spending their spare time conquering moguls, slicing ...
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CPT Fitness Holidays Workout Plans

2 Thanksgiving Workouts to Gobble Up

Scott Keppel | 0
Thanksgiving is almost here, and if you’re like most, you’re going to over indulge in the foods and treats shared during this feast. Knowing you may over consume, and even if you don’t, these two workouts are guaranteed to help you burn a little extra
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stretching Workout Plans

4 Best IT Band Exercises: Reduce Risk Factors and Symptoms | NASM

David Cruz, DC, CSCS, FMS, SFMA | 2
The warm summer weather is the perfect setting for people to get outdoors and participate in the activities they enjoy. However, too much of a good thing can lead to overuse injuries. Iliotibial band syndrome, or IT band syndrome, is one of these ...
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Fitness Sports Performance Workout Plans Nutrition

Endurance Exercise and Your Gut: Strategies to Outrun the Runs and other GI Complaints

Geoff Lecovin | 0
Adverse gastrointestinal (GI) complaints, such as cramps, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are common problems faced by up to 90% of endurance athletes. Exercise-related gastrointestinal symptoms are inconvenient, can adversely affect performance and in ...
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Sports Performance Workout Plans American Fitness Magazine

Tennis and Football Training for High School Athletes

Chris Ecklund, MA, NASM-PES, CSCS, USAW, TPI | 0
Team and individual success for high-school athletes has its roots in the training that begins well before the season’s first match, meet or game. To help student athletes prepare to play their sport of choice, you’ll want to begin by doing some basic ...
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CPT Fitness Weight Loss Workout Plans Nutrition

The Dad Bod Workout: Going From Dad Bod to Buff Dad

Geoff Lecovin | 0
The "Dad Bod" is a male body type that is described as "softly round." The theory around the “Dad Bod” is that once a man has found a mate and had kids, he doesn't need to worry about maintaining his physique.
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Workout Plans

Personal Training for Golf: Help Clients Prepare for an Event

Brian Sutton, MA, MS, CSCS, NASM-CPT, CNC, CES, PES |
Today’s typical golfer faces many challenges. Not only are golf courses becoming longer and more difficult, but today’s golfer is actuallyless prepared to play the game.
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Workout Plans

Blast Past Obstacles with our Obstacle Course Workout!

National Academy of Sports Medicine
National Academy of Sports Medicine |
Training a bunch of mud runners or workout warriors? We’ve got a plan that works. Traditional gym work won’t fully prepare your clients for the challenges of the hot new obstacle-course races. These events demand full-body fitness that is less about how ...
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Group Fitness Workout Plans Muscles

7 Ways to Effectively Build Stronger, Larger Glutes!

Aubrey Worek | 1
Check out Aubrey Worek’s top exercises to build what she calls a million dollar backside!
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CES Workout Plans Joint Health

Squat Form - What Does It Tell Us? Part 2

David Cruz, DC, CSCS, FMS, SFMA | 0
Assessing this full body movement provides a foundation for designing a client’s exercise program. See how to use the results of a squat assessment to incorporate corrective exercise strategies and potentially lower injury risks.
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