Mixed Nuts

High-fat diets have surged in popularity over the last several years, and many nutrition coaches have utilized them with clients for weight loss. Despite their recent popularity, they are not new diets. They have been used over the last century in different iterations. We have learned a lot about them

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Knee Replacement
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Chances are, at some point in your personal training career, you will work with clients who’ve had a knee replacement or are on track to get one. This can be a daunting prospect to consider, but it doesn’t have to be. With a combination of cultivated expertise, connections with allied

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NASM-CPT Podcast Ep. 13
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Host Rick Richey takes the show on the road to answer listener questions live on tape from NASM and AFAA Optima 2019 Conference.  Rick talks about: Why the systematic approach NASM takes to learning is important The accreditation process How he got into presenting And much more Thank you to

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Woman Eating Salad
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Your clients hire you to help them reach a goal, and you commit just as much time and effort as (if not more than) they do. However, sometimes even the most dedicated clients are completely clueless when it comes to diet and nutrition. That can be a serious barrier to

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Group of Young Adults Posing at Gym
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There are some things that most of your clients of any age can probably agree on. For example, burpees are unpleasant yet satisfying, and a playlist that includes Beyoncé can make just about any workout fly by. But you might find that your millennial clients don’t quite understand the elegance

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