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Are you looking for that competitive edge? You might consider ways of stimulating your

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As fitness professionals it is easy to keep our focus on the great things that occur from having a healthy and active lifestyle. We know so much about the benefits of exercise and get excited helping others discover how their bodies can improve. Something not quite as uplifting is what

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Age is more than a number- it’s an opportunity to serve a growing population. Every day we are bombarded with statistics on seniors and baby boomers, and the customer potential they can bring. But what do trainers (or club owners) need to consider before they try to capture this market?

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Exercise can improve the quality of life of those with Alzheimer’s disease—and even slow its progression. Here’s expert insight on motivating and managing clients with early onset and later stages.

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Core training has become a staple of almost all conditioning programs. Whether it is for high-level athletes, the weekend warrior, or your average fitness enthusiast, “working the core” tends to get a lot of attention by fitness professionals, their clients, and the general public alike. Unfortunately, still to this day,

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