Sports Performance

Keys to Training Basketball Players of All Levels

Adam Annaccone
Adam Annaccone |
March Madness and the NBA playoffs are right around the corner. Basketball players of all ages will watch some of the best teams compete for the title. To be the best, athletes need to train like the best.
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Sports Performance American Fitness Magazine

Customize Winter Workouts to Prep Clients for Snow and Ice Sports

Krista Popowych |
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Sports Performance

How to Rewire Athlete Self-Talk to Improve Sports Performance

Dana Bender
Dana Bender |
There is a lot to think about during exercise such as maintaining proper body mechanics and posture, controlling effort and force, and breathing properly.  These efforts all occur at the same time we motivate and push ourselves to do more and work ...
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Sports Performance

Is Your Strength Program Hurting Your Client's Golf Game?

Chris Ecklund, MA, NASM-PES, CSCS, USAW, TPI |
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CPT Sports Performance

Deceleration Training: Better Brakes or Better Engine?

Ken Miller
Ken Miller |
You have to be able to start, stop and control the motion - that's why deceleration training is a vital component of fitness programming and any strength and conditioning program.
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Sports Performance

Looking for a Sports Performance Edge? Add a Dose of Anticipation and Excitation.

Geoff Lecovin |
Are you looking for that competitive edge? You might consider ways of stimulating your
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Sports Performance

Soccer Drills for Agility and Coordination

Josh Gonzalez |
When it comes to worldwide popularity soccer is at the top of the fan and participant lists. Soccer is a sport that requires all the physical attributes; strength, speed, endurance, agility and mental fortitude. Fitness training for soccer requires
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CPT Sports Performance Joint Health

Mobility and Stability: Joint Functions When We Move

Marty Miller, ATC, DHSC, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, Master Instructor |
Human movement is an amazing orchestra of muscle contractions controlled by the central nervous system to create joint actions to accomplish specific tasks. The motor tasks can be as simple as raising a glass of water or as dynamic as an explosive golf ...
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CES Sports Performance

Exercise Programming for Hip Replacement

Kyle Stull
Kyle Stull |
Having a client with hip replacements may seem like a daunting prospect, but in most cases the new hips function just as well as biological hips. Research suggests that 25% of the population will
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CPT Fitness Sports Performance Workout Plans

Understanding Muscle Atrophy: Use It or Lose It

Jerod Langness, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, WLS, Master Trainer |
It is often said, “If you don’t use it, you lose it,” but it is rarely discussed what exactly “it” is. With our bodies being so complex it is important to have an understanding of what occurs when getting in shape and when we start down the ...
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