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Originally published in the Winter 2020 issue of American Fitness Magazine. The dawning of true winter—and holiday gifts of down-filled jackets and cozy snow gloves—may have clients eagerly anticipating a day on the slopes. For those who have yet to start schussing down the mountain, circling the ice rink or shredding

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Behavior Change and MotivationSports Performance

Self-Talk in Athletes and Exercisers: 4 Steps to Rewire Your Thoughts There is a lot to think about during exercise such as maintaining proper body mechanics and posture, controlling effort and force, and breathing properly.  These efforts all occur at the same time we motivate and push ourselves to do

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Exercising in the cold can bring about many unique challenges. Besides overcoming the discomfort of being cold, what are the best strategies to stay safe and prevent some of

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Sports Performance

Are you looking for that competitive edge? You might consider ways of stimulating your

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FitnessSports Performance

Working with a client to increase their athletic performance is a rewarding experience. The reality is that anyone can benefit from performance training and there are many different types of athletes. An athlete can be a competitive player looking to elevate their game, a youth soccer player, a mom training

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