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The physiological demands of exercising in the cold are a bit different than that of a more mild climate. The body tries to maintain a temperature of 98.6oF while it’s losing heat and moisture with every breath. Dehydration, hypoglycemia, and hypothermia can all be performance threats when exercising in the cold. See how

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People choose to “go vegan” for a variety of reasons—perhaps they aspire to be Tom Brady (or at his level of fitness), or land on veganism for ethical concerns around eating animal products, or the environmental impact that animals raised for food have on our planet, or they simply don’t

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You may be familiar with sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium regarding needs for hydration, but these nutrients are also related to many other physiologic processes in the body. Nutrients—including micronutrients, major nutrients and trace minerals—all play an important role in promoting total-body wellness. And staying healthy, strong and fit

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If you have an overall balanced nutrient intake, your pre, during, and post workout fuel and hydration can make a huge impact on your performance, recovery between workouts, and injury prevention. Your overall training diet is more important than any pre, during, and post workout meal or snack! If you

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Trained athletes and clients alike are monitoring their intakes and percentages of critical fuels – carbohydrates, fats, and protein – but are potentially falling short on their micronutrient needs. These trace players in the diet can have a significant impact on overall performance. Athletes and clients are pumping plenty of

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