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Can Superfoods Equal Super Performance?

Emily Bailey 0
Meet three of today’s superfood darlings: açai berries, beetroot juice, and curcumin. What does the research say regarding their impact on athletic performance, recovery, and overall health? Here’s the delicious news.
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Understanding and Preventing Ankle Sprains Through Corrective Exercise

David Cruz, DC, CSCS, FMS, SFMA 0
Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries among physically active people accounting for an estimated 23,000 sprains -- daily --that are attributed to athletic activity. (1)
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Overtraining - When There Isn’t Enough Time to Recover

Stacey Penney
Stacey Penney
Designing a training program for an athlete to peak for competition is one of the driving goals for sports performance specialists. From the big picture annual macrocycle, to the monthly mesocycle breakdown, and the finely detailed microcycle, periods of ...
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