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Behavior Change and MotivationCertified Personal TrainerFitness

Most personal trainers, at some point, will have a consultation with a client who has a weight loss goal. For a few weeks, I had one of my clients message me everything they ate along with their exercise routine outside of the gym. We’re talking times, foods, estimated caloric consumption,

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Alarm Clock

As a result of advancing technologies in science and engineering, we can study the brain in real-time from many different angles. We can study the strength and intensity of connections between different brain areas as well as the inner-workings of individual nerve cells. These advancements led to discoveries across neuroscience but, in

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Periodization and programming are not necessarily the same thing. Periodization is the cycles of training that take place. Often, we talk about macro, meso, and micro cycles. In sports, the periodization may include those concepts, but change based on the season: off-season, pre-season, in-season, and hopefully … post-season. Off-season may

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CESExercise Programming

When we think of corrective exercise, we often picture the process of trying to correct a less than optimal movement pattern with rolling, lengthening, activation, and integration techniques. Improving movement quality requires an individual to inhibit and lengthen overactive muscles while activating and strengthening underactive muscles. The individual then finishes

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Personal trainer using NASM Edge app to assess client
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Getting ready for the NASM Certified Personal Trainer Exam? Running out of favors asking your significant other/roommate/relative/friend/all of the above to help you with exam prep? Reached both ends of the Internet searching for study tips and tricks?  Here’s great news: The NASM EDGE App now comes with NASM-CPT Exam

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