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Lower Crossed Syndrome: Starting From the Center

Ken Miller
Ken Miller
Lower crossed syndrome is one of the most common compensatory patterns. It is characterized by an anterior tilt to the pelvis (arched lower back). In recent years, we’ve heard a lot about the ill effects of prolonged sitting. Articles, blog posts and TV ...
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Claudia Friedlander, DMus, NASM-CPT 0
As a voice teacher, I was drawn to fitness to develop a sports-specific training protocol for singers. Corrective exercise techniques are often just as important as vocalises for helping my students to become the best singers they can be. Excellent ...
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Back to School Doesn’t Have to be a Pain

Geoff Lecovin 2
It’s back to school time. Backpacks, sitting and poor studying posture can mean your “kinetic chain” is going to get yanked and kinked, potentially resulting in pain.
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