Vitamin D- The Sunshine Vitamin


By Geoff Lecovin, MS, DC, ND, NASM- CPT, CES, PES, FNS, WLS


Vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin” was identified in the 17th century by Dr. Daniel Whistler and Professor Francis Glisson when they discovered the causative factors of rickets. Continue reading

Stress, Recovery and Performance



We all speak of it and experience it, but what is stress? It is defined as a non-specific response by the body to any demand (stressor) that overcomes, or threatens to overcome, the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis (that state of equilibrium of the body’s internal biological mechanisms) (1 – 2). What this means is that regardless of the nature of the stressor (e.g., exercise, starvation, daily commute, work-related issues), the body perceives stress as a biological event and responds in essentially the same way. What differs is simply the magnitude of our response and this task is assigned to the brain that initiates the appropriate ‘fight-or-flight’ response through our nervous and hormonal systems (3-4). An acute bout of stress and the consequent biological response is quite normal and integral to our survival as a species as long as the body has the opportunity to recover between stressors to restore itself back to baseline (5). Continue reading

Build Personal Training Client Loyalty with Wearable Technology


By Josh Trent, NASM-CPT, CES, HLC

Personal trainers are now primed to keep clients even more loyal with the explosion of wearable technology in 2015.

The Fitness Industry Technology Council, FIT-C, reports the wearables market is poised to grow from 14 million devices shipped in 2011 to 171 million devices shipped by 2016; 60% being fitness related.

With new devices launching whats seems to be almost every week, it can be overwhelming for trainers to trust which ones will truly add value to their practice. Continue reading

Ergogenic Foods for Performance and Health

foodsBy Geoff Lecovin, MS, DC, ND, L.Ac, NASM–CPT, CES, PES, FNS, WLS

In the field of sports nutrition, supplement companies proudly promote their products, claiming that they have the “magic bullet” for weight loss, weight gain and/or performance enhancement. Many of these products are costly, combined with a number of artificial chemicals or are lacking in evidence. Some can even have adverse effects on your health, such as energy drinks that cause restlessness and insomnia and some herbs that can potentially cause kidney and liver damage. Continue reading