Best Advice from Successful Personal Trainers: NASM Master Trainer Inspiration

MT logoFour trainers who recently earned NASM’s Master Trainer distinction share what inspired them to become fitness professionals—and offer their best advice to help you find success in 2015. Continue reading

Trainer Q & A: Star Power Celebrity Workouts

Q: My clients love to read about (and want to try) celebrity and movie-themed workouts. What’s a good way to keep expectations in line?

A: Not everyone comes to the gym ready for the workout they just saw in a magazine, whether it’s Jessica Alba’s dance-based routine for the Sin City sequel, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s intense bodybuilding for Hercules, or the now-famous 300 workout. But you can usually develop workouts that resemble whatever they bring you as long as you remember to tailor the programming to a client’s specific needs and goals, not just what the client wants. Continue reading