Plates of Food on Kitchen Table
Holiday FitnessNutrition

For many people, clients and coaches alike, the start of a new year means a fresh outlook and often, resolutions to change or improve certain areas of your life. Sadly, many New Year’s resolutions don’t end up being overly successful. Depending on the statistics you look at, anywhere from 60-80%

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Bowl of fruit, toast, and glass of orange juice

The glycemic index is a measure of how fast or how slow, food increases your blood sugar. The higher the number, the faster your blood sugar increases in response to a given food; the lower the number, the slower your blood sugar increases.  Here is a list of some common

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Man Foam Rolling
CESFitnessFoam Rolling / SMR

Effective and efficient rolling means identifying and targeting the muscles that need it – the muscles that are likely the root cause of less than optimal movement. In many cases, muscles become overactive and short, leading to sensations of tightness and discomfort in other parts of the body. A prime

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Personal trainer using corrective exercise on client

Corrective Exercise is all about helping people move and feel better whether it’s while working out or just living their everyday life. In order to accomplish this, it requires a true and in-depth understanding of four phases that comprise the Corrective Exercise Continuum (CEx). These phases are:  Inhibit Lengthen Activate

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Personal Trainer and Client in Gym
Behavior Change and MotivationFitness

Imagine that you had to think about which hand to pick a phone up with every time it rang, if you had to consciously deliberate on whether or not to brush your teeth in the morning, or put your seatbelt on when you got in the car, or to go when

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