The Question of Handedness

Stacey Penney
Stacey Penney |
When performing client assessments, do you ask if they are right or left handed? Handedness is not usually a standard question on assessment forms, but maybe it should be added. Handedness can have a definite impact on posture and the risk for developing ...
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Dysfunctional Breathing and Its Affects on the Kinetic Chain

National Academy of Sports Medicine
National Academy of Sports Medicine |
The action of breathing is commonly taken for granted; however, dysfunctional breathing can lead to, or be the result of, dysfunction of the kinetic chain. This article will review the difference between proper and dysfunctional breathing, how ...
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Building Rapport With Clients: 10 Tips for a Positive First Impression

Fabio Comana
Fabio Comana |
It’s been said that in the first seven seconds of a customer or client meeting you, they’ll make 11 impressions about you. Make them positive impressions with our 10 quick tips to building positive rapport. A common error made by many health and fitness ...
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