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Tai Chi for Seniors

Kathy Kuenzer 0
While there may be disagreement about how long the Chinese have practiced the martial art of tai chi—2,500 years or 400?—there is little dispute that in its current form, it makes practitioners feel healthier. Tai chi was originally a form of Chinese ...
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Are You Chronically Inflamed? Put Out the Flame with these 5 Lifestyle Changes

Geoff Lecovin 0
Chronic inflammation has been linked to multiple health issues that plague our society, including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, some cancers plus a range of autoimmune diseases. Here we'll highlight what chronic inflammation is and some ...
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Healthy Body Image: You Are More Than a Number!

Emily Bailey 0
“Well, there it is again… another disappointing number. I just don’t understand. I trained hard at the gym all this week and I know I ate healthy too. I was feeling great until I saw the number on the scale that indicated I haven’t lost a pound this ...
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Relaxation Techniques for the Holiday Season

Brian Sutton
Brian Sutton
The holiday season is supposed to be a time for joy, peace, love and caring for one another.  However, stress is often times a big component as people flock to the mall to find the perfect gift, agonize over cooking a perfect holiday meal and worry about ...
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