Behavior Change

How to Make Habits Work for Your Good Intentions

Justin Kompf
Justin Kompf |
Imagine that you had to think about which hand to pick a phone up with every time it rang, if you had to consciously deliberate on whether or not to brush your teeth in the morning, or put your seatbelt on when you got in the car, or to go when the light ...
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CPT Fitness Behavior Change

One Thought-Provoking Question to Ask Clients to Help Them Change Behavior

Justin Kompf
Justin Kompf |
Most personal trainers, at some point, will have a consultation with a client who has a weight loss goal. For a few weeks, I had one of my clients message me everything they ate along with their exercise routine outside of the gym. We're talking times, ...
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Fitness Behavior Change

Habit Stacking – A Different Approach to Behavior Coaching

Josh Elsesser
Josh Elsesser |
As fitness professionals, it is our job and responsibility to provide the best opportunities for our clients to succeed in their goals. In addition to providing customized, individualized workout programs, many times, we seek to help change their ...
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Nutrition Behavior Change

How to Help Clients Change Their Eating Habits

Brad Dieter
Brad Dieter |
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Fitness American Fitness Magazine Behavior Change

Behavior Change Theory: Help Clients Stick With Their Program

Maria Luque, PhD |
Stephanie is your newest fitness client. She’s 42 years old and works 50 hours a week as a certified public accountant. She would like to quit smoking, give up junk food and get active—all the foundations of a healthy lifestyle.
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American Fitness Magazine Behavior Change

Force of Habit: How Behavior Change Science Impacts Success

Shirley Archer, JD, MA
Shirley Archer, JD, MA |
  Originally published in the fall 2017 issue of American Fitness Magazine Personal trainers know successful training programs require time, progression and individualization. Yet trainers often have clients who just don't achieve their goals-they fail ...
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