Nutrition Advice

The Best Protein Sources for Vegans and Vegetarians

Dr. Allison Brager
Dr. Allison Brager |
Veganism has been a tremendously growing movement in recent years. Best-selling books & plant-based protein start-up companies, products, and nutrition courses have fueled its growth. Every kind of nutritional plan has its benefits and costs. Today, ...
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CPT Advice Master Instructor Roundtable

Master Instructors of the Month - September 2020

National Academy of Sports Medicine
National Academy of Sports Medicine |
NASM and AFAA are stewards of what it means to be the best and brightest in fitness and wellness. Both brands are focused on building a diverse and unique community dedicated to creating a better and brighter future in the industry.
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CPT Fitness Q & A Advice

Q&A With Celebrity Trainer Kit Rich

National Academy of Sports Medicine
National Academy of Sports Medicine |
Each month, we'll shine the spotlight on a different NASM Certified Personal Trainer who makes a difference in their community. For June, we spoke with Kit Rich NASM-CPT and MMACS, who used fitness to transform herself physically and mentally before ...
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CPT Advice Personal Trainer Marketing

How and Why to Launch a Website for your Personal Training Business

Sean Greeley
Sean Greeley |
Too many fitness professionals and business owners end up going down a rabbit hole when putting together a website. They waste a lot of time doing unnecessary things. Worse, they often don't take many actions that are required. Should certified personal ...
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Healthy Body Image: You Are More Than a Number!

Emily Bailey |
“Well, there it is again… another disappointing number. I just don’t understand. I trained hard at the gym all this week and I know I ate healthy too. I was feeling great until I saw the number on the scale that indicated I haven’t lost a pound this ...
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