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As gyms temporarily adjust hours or suspend services, and we all protect our global health through social distancing, trainers are required to come up with creative alternatives to their regular in-person training. Because of the circumstances, virtual personal training and staying healthy during COVID-19 is as important as ever.

To address these challenges, figuring out how to pivot and provide your clients with excellent exercise services through new methods is a must. 

Flexibility is vital in the business, and the EDGE app can take the stress out of virtually training your clients and digitally building your business - despite these difficult times.

Don’t miss a beat in your training career. Start for free and download the app!

With the EDGE app, you can still train your clients virtually and with just as much confidence as before! 

Nutritional Tools

Design and assign custom workouts virtually

State-of-the-art video workout library

NASM exam preparation options

So, how can an app help you pivot your business? Let's explore the many ways you can continue to build your business - no matter the circumstances - with EDGE.

1.   How to Get The Edge App

Downloading EDGE is simple. Open the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store app on your device, search EDGE, and download. Or simply click here (https://nasm-edge.app.link/zmmxfNvdEY), enter your phone number, and we’ll send you a link. It’s that easy.

Plus, there's absolutely no risk. You can download EDGE and use it for free for your first client. No strings attached. If you choose to manage multiple clients on the platform, that's easy and cost-efficient as well. For just $9.99/month (or $99 for a year), you can manage your entire remote training business.

We would encourage you to try the app and access the features to get a good understanding of the interface.

Want to learn more about the app? Read below!

Be sure to check out our FAQ section, if there are any questions that we missed.

2.  How to use EDGE

With EDGE, growing your remote personal training business is hassle-free because of the easy to use interface.

Here are some use-cases for the app and how you can utilize it to build your online personal training business.

Some of these include:

  • Designing Custom Workouts
  • Utilization of a Fitness Assessment Wizard
  • Video Library to Guide Your Workouts
  • Client Dashboard
  • NASM-CPT Exam Prep

Designing Custom Workouts and Use Ready-Made Workouts

The Edge app makes use of a convenient interface for creating custom workout programs for your clients.

With it, you can easily create and share routines with clients and communicate any adjustments or feedback you need to give to deliver excellent personal training service.

You can also use readily-made NASM workouts that draw from our expertise as leaders in the fitness industry.

To create a workout for clients, follow these steps:

  1. Select Libraries
  2. Select Workouts
  3. Select the Build Workout button (+)
  4. Enter a workout name
  5. Select Add (+) next to the workout section to update
  6. Select one or more exercises from the library
  7. Select Add to workout
  8. Repeat steps 5 – 7 for each desired section
  9. Select Save

Nutritional and Dietary Tools

You will have access to applied and basic nutritional and dietary concepts that will help you guide your clients.

Instead of having to scour the internet, books, and research articles to pull together relevant information for your clients, we make it easy for you in one convenient spot.

Additionally, EDGE comes with a free calorie and macronutrient calculator that you can combine with the latest information on nutrition and dieting so you can educate your clients and help them develop plans that work for them in one spot.

To use the calculator:

  • Navigate to the nutrition card
  • Enter the values
  • Make sure you have the relevant client fields filled out
  • Select Auto-Calculate
  • Apply the data

trainer showing client results with EDGE app

Fitness Assessment Wizard

Because a large part of having a thriving personal training practice comes from assessing your clients, we designed a Fitness Assessment Wizard to make it as easy as possible for you.

You can perform them quickly and accurately and have instant feedback for your clients.

To utilize all fitness performance assessments for your unique clients:

  • Navigate to the Performance Assessments card
  • Select either the cardio, strength results, or endurance options
  • Compare results and use the data to guide your programming

Video Library to Guide Your Workouts

For hundreds of exercises and exercise programs that have been designed by our NASM expert trainers, be sure to utilize the video library.

Provide reference points through visual aids for all of your clients. Virtually training your clients on a wide array of exercises has never been easier. You'll build the program or select a pre-designed program and simply and quickly sent it to your client.

To navigate to the video library, follow these steps:

  • Go to Libraries
  • Click on Exercises
  • Select the Information tab
  • Navigate to the Exercise Library

Client Dashboard

All of these great resources and functionality comes full circle with the customizable client dashboards you can use to track your clients’ performance remotely.

This is where the fitness assessments, performance metrics, nutritional calculators, and custom-built programs combine to give a ready evaluation of your clients and their progress.

Exam Prep Option

EDGE isn’t just a great client management application, but also a powerful study tool for personal training.

Available is a study guide for our NASM-CPT exam within the app itself that offers 600+ practice questions and close to 500 flashcards all with unlimited practice exam attempts.

If you are studying for the exam yourself, or have clients who are shifting to a career in personal training, this aspect of the app can be valuable for your personal training business.

Think of it this way: even if you are a NASM-CPT already, you can brush up on your expertise and fitness knowledge. Having EDGE means you can pull from a repository of resources that inform your personal training programming.

How to Market Your Business in Your Local Area and Beyond

One of the most powerful aspects of using an app like EDGE is that you can readily market and scale your fitness business.

This is an excellent opportunity to utilize generational marketing. Or, in other words, because most clients have an active presence online - including the younger crowd - you can quickly draw in a client base with online personal training marketing.

For Millenials:

  • Integrate social media and tie it to your personal training business. Connect both mediums and manage your newly gained clients with EDGE app.
  • Focus on the specific benefits of fitness by drawing from the resources within the app and tie it back to a personal website.

For Gen-Xers:

  • Share a lot of video examples and prepare guides utilizing EDGE.
  • Show real performance metrics and link them back to relevant resources while you build your custom programs.

For Baby Boomers:

  • Offer sample sessions.
  • Provide relevant dietary, exercise, performance data based on the age group.

Have a business plan!

Another critical insight for marketing your fitness business is having a robust business plan and ads in place.

Utilizing applications like EDGE can make it easy to build out a plan based on your unique business goals.

  • You can keep track of the monetary facets of your business
  • Use your dashboard to organize the number of clients you are training.
  • Create ads based on the specific demographics of your clients.

Video marketing opportunities

Additionally, because video marketing is such a significant component of expanding your online reach and visibility, you can model your own videos based off of the video library in EDGE.

Other uses for Fitness tech, like the EDGE app, include:

  • Easy scheduling
  • Convenient integration with payment processing
  • Prioritizing tasks and goals
  • Mobile functionality for quick, available communication
  • Accurate biometrics
  • Proof that your workouts are providing real results
  • Giving immediate kudos to clients for hitting goals

For more context on growing your training business and marketing, check out this podcast:

How to Build a Website for Your Remote Personal Training Business

Having a website for your personal training business is a must-have in today's current climate. But what should be on it, how do you get a URL, and, most importantly, how do you get it built? It can seem daunting, but we're here to help. 

What Information Do You Need on Your Website?

The first and most important part of building your website is accumulating the information that will appear on the site. The perfect URL and a great design will mean very little if the information on your site isn't accurate, engaging, and addressing the questions potential clients have.

With that in mind, here are eight questions you need to ask and answer to start building your personal training site.

  1. What type of client are you trying to reach?
  2. How will your training services help potential clients in ways others won’t?
  3. If a potential client chooses you, how will your services change their lives?
  4. How will you help them achieve their goals?
  5. What credentials do you have to prove you can succeed?
  6. What services do you offer?
  7. What does each offering cost?
  8. How do you want them to contact you

This information will act as the bones of your site.

You’ll want to answer each question thoroughly enough that someone unfamiliar with you and your business will get a good idea of who you are, what training options you offer, your areas of specialty, and what you charge.

But you don't want to get too aggressive with your branding or pricing. Aim to strike a balance between authority, trust, expertise, and empathy for your prospective clients' unique fitness needs.

Choose a URL/Name for Your Site and Register

A URL can be something as simple as your name or a creative company name. You'll want something easy to remember, and that avoids numbers. Like business cards of the past, your website name is how your potential clients will remember how to contact, so a succinct name is key.

Once you've come up with a few options, you'll need to visit a domain registry site like GoDaddy.com or domains.google.com to see if any are available. While there are new domains such as .coach and .co, you'll want to obtain a .com if possible. Costs can range from $.99 to $14.99, depending on where you register and their special offers at the time.

Site Building and Hosting

So, you now have site content and a site name, but what about the website itself? There are many options that you can consider when it comes time to build your site. They range from paying someone to professionally design your website to create it yourself via templates.

While having a professionally designed site is a nice luxury, current times call for more ingenuity. That’s where services like Wordpress.com, Squarespace, Wix and others come in handy. They provide easy to use templates and hosting to get your site up and running in short order.

Use Your Messaging To Create Your Page

You've selected your hosting service and template. Now comes the fun part. Fill in the template with the content you wrote in step one. Also, select photos and imagery that showcase you as a trainer that gives prospective clients confidence in you.

Are you looking for more tips and tricks? Check out this great blog from our friends over at NPE.

try out edge and build your business right now!

To recap, EDGE helps you manage your clients’ workouts, communicate directly with them, calculate calories and macros, utilize performance metrics for client tracking, utilize a NASM-CPT exam prep, and more, all from the convenience of your phone or tablet.

It is also a great way to scale your business, market to yout clients, and manage all client performance metrics with the built-in dashboard and functionality.

If this sounds useful to you and your budding business in fitness, sign up for free today and try it yourself!

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