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Rick Richey sits down with mindfulness expert Dr. Mallory Fox. She is a CPT, CES, CNC, PES, and WFS, and she really knows her stuff!

This episode centers on movement - and, more specifically, mindful movement. 

But how are the two interlinked? This intersection of mindfully performing movements is what this episode will explore.

For key takeaways of this episode, check out the following bullet points:

  • Mindfulness is defined as being fully present and aware in the moment without judgment. Dr. Mallory says this is easier said than done and requires diligence to accomplish. 
  • Stress (as an endocrine system response) carries over from prehistoric times through fight-or-flight systems and learned responses. Stress currently and commonly manifests itself in a modern setting through the daily stressors of work ,and recently, the added stressors of COVID.
  • Mindful breathing allows you to switch from the sympathetic and tap into the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • One of the most important ways to become more mindful is to practice pausing and noticing all of the instances where we are multi-tasking. Instead, we should try and slow down. Approaching tasks one at a time fosters mindful practices. 

For many more nuggets of wisdom on this topic, be sure to listen or watch the full episode on all available platforms. 

Episode Teaser: Mindfulness and trauma

Dr. Mallory Fox says that despite any present trauma, there's always an opportunity for resilience.

This can be accomplished through mindfulness and staying present with whatever trauma presents itself. 

The COVID-19 outbreak is a good example of a shift from normalcy into an opportunity for resiliency. 

For example, as personal trainers still deal with gym closures and are looking for ways to support themselves, these daily stressors become opportunities for growth and mindfulness.

And for anyone who has experienced loss during this time, mindfulness can become your tool for resilience.

Check out the video version of this episode below:


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