Amanda Boyer, MS, RDN, CD, NASM-CPT

Amanda Boyer is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, NASM certified personal trainer, and more!

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How Nutrition Can Fuel Your Clients' Movement

Amanda Boyer, MS, RDN, CD, NASM-CPT |
First and foremost, the pursuit of health is an individual choice and will look very different from person to person. Second, nutrition and movement are just two tiny pieces to the big pie. Genetics, sleep hygiene, stress, stigma (racism, sexism, ...
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New Year’s Resolutions: If Not Weight Loss, Then What?

Amanda Boyer, MS, RDN, CD, NASM-CPT |
Twenty nineteen is upon us and New Year’s resolutions are on many people’s mind. It is common that goals are oriented around body shape or weight loss, which we have found can sometimes cause more harm than good. If you want to practice from a Health At ...
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