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Christopher Mohr, PhD, RD is an internationally recognized nutrition expert and is the Co-Owner of Mohr, Results, Inc. He is on the Men’s Health Magazine Advisory Board, was the consulting Sports Nutritionist for the Cincinnati Bengals and has worked with select WWE wrestlers to help them with their nutrition programs. His expertise has offered him the opportunity to speak at the White House, the CIA and to audiences in over 10 countries and almost all 50 states. Dr. Mohr often appears on TV as a nutritional guest expert, including an appearance with Chef Emeril Lagasse, CBS’s ‘The Talk’ and another on the Montel Williams Show. He worked alongside LL Cool J as the nutrition consultant and expert for the NY Times Bestseller, “LL Cool J’s Platinum Workout” and collaborated with Fitness Celebrity Denise Austin & Mario Lopez, to write the nutrition sections for their books. Kara Mohr, PhD is an internationally recognized dynamic keynote speaker who is known for her expertise and experience in the areas of behavior change, exercise and mindset. Previously named one of the Top Weight Loss Doctors in the country by Prevention Magazine, Kara has worked with thousands of individuals to help them discover how to get healthier and become the best versions of themselves. Kara is co-owner of Mohr Results, Inc., a well-being company that helps people & organizations create healthy, thriving cultures that drive performance. She lectures nationally and internationally and is a regularly sought after expert source by national publications including the New York Times, Fitness, Women’s Health and more.

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Nutrition Behavior Change

Nutrition and Behavior Change: Strategies for Helping Clients

Christopher & Kara Mohr |
It has often been said that nutrition is 90% of the game and training just 10%. The truth is that fitness and nutrition are equally important for various reasons, and it's not just a 50/50 game because there are many other equally important habits or ...
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