NASM Trainers, #StepItUp in Your Own Communities

The U.S. Surgeon General has launched a campaign to inspire society to increase activity and walk more often. Announced Wednesday, the Step It Up! campaign highlights the positive benefits of walking for just 22 minutes a day, urging communities to be more active and lead healthier lifestyles.

While the call to action primarily focuses on community planners and local leaders to create safer environments for people to walk, this is also a call to action for us – fitness professionals across the country.

As fitness professionals, we are on the frontlines. It’s up to us to implore people to move. And frankly, it’s our job to give people the tools they need to put this campaign into practice.

While most of our clients have access to safe facilitates and well-lit parks to walk, there are many who do not. We encourage you to continue the work you do with your clients, keeping them moving and educating them on the benefits of regular exercise and walking. We also encourage you to do the same for others in your community.

We’re asking you to #StepItUp and join NASM in supporting the U.S. Surgeon General in this important initiative.

Step It Up! Surgeon General's Call to Action to Promote Walking and Walkable Communities

Here are a few ideas:

Launch your own social media campaign, posting daily recommendations on how to get in 22 minutes of walking a day. Take the stairs. Walk at your place of work if there is no safe place near your home. Stop into a mall during lunch and walk.

Email your clients. Encourage them to find 10 people to get walking. Have them take photos and load on to Instagram or Facebook inspiring others to do the same.

Post suggestions on your website or blog. Recommend people invite a neighbor for a walk or volunteer at a shelter to walk dogs.

Harness your tribe and your ability to influence others to walk. There are more ways than one for us to win this battle. Tell us, how will you #StepItUp?

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