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Tech Goals for 2020 That Can Boost Your Income
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A good goal for any fitness professional is to learn more about fitness technology, says Ted Vickey, PhD, founder and CEO of FitWell, a fitness technology management company based in San Diego. Becoming a power user and early adopter can differentiate you from competitors and enable you to provide added

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Business of FitnessInterviews and InspirationThe Training Edge

Here’s what happens behind the scenes to bring new ideas to market.

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Certified Personal TrainerCESThe Training Edge

Your training can help take your clients to some amazing places. Meet trainers who work with oil-rig workers, elite combat units, and astronauts, and get their advice on building your career beyond the typical gym environment.

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CESThe Training EdgeWorkout Plans

Desk-bound employees can develop a hunched posture that saps energy and strength. Here’s a safe-for-the-office routine that can help. For many people, nine-hour workdays are the minimum—and lunch breaks are short or taken at the desk. Even if the person goes to the gym a few times a week, it

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Certified Personal TrainerThe Training Edge

From boot camp to retirement, military personnel face unique physical and mental challenges. Here’s expert insight from retired military members on adapting your training methods to help this group succeed.

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