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For as many ways as there are to challenge the body in a workout, how many ways do we think about approaching our warm-up routine? How well prepared are our bodies for the stresses of the approaching workout?

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As a former group exercise manager, I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate countless fitness instructors teaching classes. One thing that always stood out was the association between an instructor’s use of verbal communication and the palpable energy in class (the stronger the communication, the more energy).

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We are in the health and wellness business. Our common denominator is serving a consumer desiring guidance on their journey. Regardless of how you structure your interaction and professional guidance, the first step is

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There’s plenty of buzz about healthy bacteria in some yogurts, supplements, and other foods. The stories range from study results to scam warnings. Here, two NASM experts clear up confusion and offer a few surprising options of foods that contain probiotics. Spoiler: They’re definitely worth eating!

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“This playlist was pulled together and ordered following the flow of an OPT workout session. Ranging from slower music for SMR and the warm-up, to a rise in tempo for a bit of cardio, to a strong beat for strength to help keep me on track and focused on my

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