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NASM Spotify Workout Playlists: RAD

Kristen Radaich 0
These rad jams keep me motivated through OPT-inspired workouts. They get me moving though a warm-up, build me up as I progress, and keep me going strong until it’s time to cool down. I try to choose tunes that help me transcend any challenge and keep a ...
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I Feel Like A Giant: NASM's September Workout Playlist

Russell Wynter 0
Here's this month's guest playlist from Russell Wynter, NASM Master Trainer!
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NASM's August Spotify Playlist: Brighter Than The Sun

Crystal Reeves
Crystal Reeves
I chose the songs in this month’s playlist because they have strong lyrics that keep me thinking about my goals or are songs that make me want to sing and dance. The playlist starts with a slower tempo and lyrics of “I had a dream so big and loud” and ...
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Plateau Pushing: NASM's July Workout Playlist

Stacey Penney
Stacey Penney
"This playlist was pulled together and ordered following the flow of an OPT workout session. Ranging from slower music for SMR and the warm-up, to a rise in tempo for a bit of cardio, to a strong beat for strength to help keep me on track and focused on ...
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EMc Spotify Workout Playlist

Erin McGill 0
I chose the songs I did because I think there should be a natural music progression, similar to the exercise progressions found in the OPT Model.  The music I selected is intended to have an upbeat and sometimes deep rhythm that will engage exercisers to ...
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"you down with OPT?" NASM May Spotify Playlist

Mike Fantigrassi 0
I chose the songs based on music I like to listen to and that match the energy of the different parts of the NASM OPT model. Starting with more mellow songs during the warm-up and more up tempo songs during the workout.
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