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Shoulder Function: Enhancing Scapular Stabilization

Thomas F. West, PhD, LAT, ATC 0
Our upper extremity is designed around our hands, our primary tool in manipulating objects in our environment. To this end, the shoulder complex provides the upper extremity with a wide range of motion, allowing us to position our hands in front of, ...
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Why do trainers have clients do odd looking exercises?

Brian Kent, NASM-CPT, CES, PES 0
Ah yes, the “Why are they doing that?” remark. We've all seen it. Somewhere in "Training Land" a trainer is making a client do some movement that looks, well, rather ridiculous. It might even look so odd that the untrained eye or mind might wonder, "What ...
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Stability Creates Flexibility: Can a strong core improve hamstring flexibility?

Christine Romani-Ruby 0
Range of motion is an important part of any conditioning program. Increasing flexibility improves joint motion, while a decrease in flexibility results in less motion at the joint. Enhanced flexibility can provide many benefits, including
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