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A high-school reunion, New Year’s Eve, the start of summer. Certain times of the year prompt a renewed commitment to getting your health, fitness and nutrition in order. We may want the nutrition part of the solution to lie in a perfect “new” diet, such as the gluten-free, paleo, detox

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Last year, Americans bought more than $10 billion worth of gluten-free products. Are your clients among those jumping on this trend for weight loss? If so, what does that mean for them? Here we explore this and three other trends, so you can see how they impact active adults. Note:

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By Brian Sutton MS, MA, CES, PES, NASM-CPT The world of nutrition is full of controversy, both disagreements within the scientific community as well as discrepancies (often marketing driven) between consumer media reports. Nowhere is this dissension more evident than in the discussion of dieting. A diet gaining popularity in the

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