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Rest days. Something all of us gym rats know we need to partake in, but often have a hard time doing. We are regularly exposed to phrases such as “no days off” or “no pain, no gain.” While working hard and pushing ourselves in the gym is excellent, we must

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CESExercise Programming

When we think of corrective exercise, we often picture the process of trying to correct a less than optimal movement pattern with rolling, lengthening, activation, and integration techniques. Improving movement quality requires an individual to inhibit and lengthen overactive muscles while activating and strengthening underactive muscles. The individual then finishes

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Getting the most out of each workout requires more than just following a great training program. Consistent performance also requires an optimal balance between training and recovery. Mention the subject to most clients, though, and you’re likely to meet with disinterest or even resistance. Clients rarely think of recovery as

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NutritionSports Performance

Whether you’ve just finished a HIIT workout, completed a CrossFit WOD, hit your PR or finished a triathlon, your focus should move from performance to recovery. This involves:

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Cal UCertified Personal TrainerFitnessSports Performance

A successful sports performance program may be summarized by two primary outcomes; athlete availability and athlete durability. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the sports performance professional to ensure the program is designed and implemented using the

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