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How To Meet, Sell, and Retain Clients (Part 1)

Rick Richey, MS
Rick Richey, MS
When I first entered the realm of personal training I had no idea how to "pick up" clients, and yet that was the focus and intent of my job. There was so little guidance that I apprehensively approached my fitness director and asked him to help me. His ...
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How Your Voice Can Improve Your Success as a Fitness Instructor

Amanda Vogel, MA 0
As a former group exercise manager, I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate countless fitness instructors teaching classes. One thing that always stood out was the association between an instructor’s use of verbal communication and the palpable energy in ...
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5 Communication Hacks to Elevate Your Programming

Shannon Fable 0
At a time when the need for qualified fitness professionals is at an all-time high, it’s hard to understand why so many instructors and personal trainers struggle to fill classes or find clients. As an industry, we are trained first to analyze the ...
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