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Electrolytes: Performance Perks and Real Food Sources

Emily Bailey 0
Hydration is a key to optimal performance and recovery, and that’s true regardless of the season. In fact, impaired performance can result from even a 2% loss of water weight (3 pounds for a 150-pound athlete). Hydration is about more than
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Ergogenic Foods for Performance and Health

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In the field of sports nutrition, supplement companies proudly promote their products, claiming that they have the “magic bullet” for weight loss, weight gain and/or performance enhancement. Many of these products are costly, combined with a number of ...
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Dirty Nutty Drink: A Smoothie for Endurance Athletes … and Coffee Lovers

National Academy of Sports Medicine
National Academy of Sports Medicine
Friends told Ben Pulver, NASM-CPT and personal chef in the Detroit area, about the amazing banana smoothies they tried during a trip to Puerto Rico. Ben created this version to use on long-distance runs: “The balance of carbs, protein, and fats, along ...
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