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Business of FitnessFitness ProfessionalsResearch Study

Simple friendly staff interactions might just be the motivation members need to keep exercising and coming back to your fitness center.

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Certified Personal TrainerFitnessResearch StudyWeight Loss Specialist

With weight loss being one of the common goals for clients, will recommending a daily visit to the scale improve their results? See what this study found.

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Certified Personal TrainerExercise ProgrammingResearch StudySports Performance

Does using self-myofascial release (SMR), static stretching, or a combination of both, improve range of motion (ROM) for overhead athletes? See what the results were for these softball players.

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Certified Personal TrainerFoam Rolling / SMRResearch StudySports Medicine

Using the overhead squat assessment as one of the series of assessments, this study examined the affect of hip flexor length on lower extremity strength, activation and biomechanics.

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Behavior Change and MotivationCertified Personal TrainerResearch Study

Communicating what can be gained from exercising versus what might be lost from not exercising can impact participation.

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