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Trainer Q+A: Client Testimonials

Testimonial Know-How

Q: What do I need to consider before I use client testimonials and photos on my website?

A: Testimonials are a great way to build your business. There are three essentials: getting written permission, helping clients write their story, and showing before-and-after photos.

I make sure I have my clients’ written consent to use their stories and photos. They sign a form when we begin working together (though teens must have a parent sign). When a client has great results, I’ll ask again, and if they agree, I give them a questionnaire to help them with what to write. I want to know why they chose me and how I helped them lose weight, tone up, or break through a plateau. We take an “after” picture, and I’ll ask for a “before” picture to post with it. I always have clients review and approve the final version. It’s smart to post new testimonials every six months to keep your website current and dynamic. Trainers can download a sample consent form on the NASM Resources page.

EXPERT: Julie Page, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, owner of Total Wellness Coaching in Cambridge, Minn., fell in love with fitness while exercising to aerobics TV shows in the 1980s.

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