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Originally published in the Winter 2020 issue of American Fitness Magazine. The dawning of true winter—and holiday gifts of down-filled jackets and cozy snow gloves—may have clients eagerly anticipating a day on the slopes. For those who have yet to start schussing down the mountain, circling the ice rink or shredding

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For many people, clients and coaches alike, the start of a new year means a fresh outlook and often, resolutions to change or improve certain areas of your life. Sadly, many New Year’s resolutions don’t end up being overly successful. Depending on the statistics you look at, anywhere from 60-80%

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The holiday season can be a stressful time to adhere to a regular diet schedule. There are holiday parties, travel, an abundance of holiday goodies lying around the house, and there is more time spent indoors and less time exercising. Holiday Weight Gain It might be for these reasons that

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I love to travel to new destinations and experience new cities, cultures, and cuisines.  If you are similar to me and exercise is an ingrained daily habit, the question becomes, “how do I stay active and exercise while still enjoying myself on vacation?”  A standard solution that fits many people’s

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We’ve highlighted seven end-of-year client challenges and provided solutions to help keep them on track. Early planning and preparation can help you and your clients continue to succeed into the New Year.

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