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National Academy of Sports Medicine
National Academy of Sports Medicine

These simple steps help outdoor sessions go smoothly

Temperatures and hours of daylight are on the rise, so it’s the perfect time to take your clients outdoors. “Some people don’t want to go outside because it’s an uncontrolled environment,” says Amy Bomar, owner and education director of FIT Launch, a fitness studio in Everett, Wash. “But others love it because it feels like playing, even when they’re working hard.” Plan ahead with these tips and make the transition easy on both you and your clients.

Get the Right Permits
Many parks and beaches require them. Otherwise, you risk a penalty in fines.

Do a Trial Run
Test out creative equipment—from benches to stumps—for safety.

Check Your Insurance Policy
“It should cover you no matter where you train, but a city’s parks department could
demand a waiver of subrogation and ask for ‘primary, noncontributory’ wording,” says
James Decker, an assistant vice president at Philadelphia Insurance Companies.
“That means if someone gets hurt on a park bench, your insurance has to pay, not the
city’s.” Fees vary for these changes.

Update Your Waiver
“The more specific it is to the activity, like outdoor workouts, the better the odds
of it holding up in court,” says Decker. Give Clients a Prep List “I have them bring a water bottle, towel, sunblock, bug spray, a change of clothes, and sneakers they don’t mind getting dirty,” says Bomar. If training outdoors is new to your clients, you should also give them a sense of what to expect.

Don’t Forget to …
Keep business cards or flyers handy to share with curious passersby. You never
know where you might meet a potential new client.

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