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Rest days. Something all of us gym rats know we need to partake in, but often have a hard time doing. We are regularly exposed to phrases such as “no days off” or “no pain, no gain.” While working hard and pushing ourselves in the gym is excellent, we must

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Personal Trainer Working with Client Who is Foam Rolling
CESFitnessFoam Rolling / SMR

In the last decade, the use of foam rolling has become increasingly popular for athletes and average Joes alike. Foam rolling as a corrective exercise method makes sense – they feel “good,” seem to work well, have an excellent cost to benefit ratio, and are easy to use (give anyone

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Ep. 18: Keys to a Successful Training Business
Business of FitnessCertified Personal TrainerFitnessFitness Tips

Some personal trainers have an impressive list of credentials but a small client base, while others aren’t as educated but are always booked. What’s the difference between them? In this episode, Rick Richey discusses how to find the balance between these two types of trainers. Learn what it takes to

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Man Standing Near Lake with Bike
FitnessFitness TipsHoliday Fitness

I love to travel to new destinations and experience new cities, cultures, and cuisines.  If you are similar to me and exercise is an ingrained daily habit, the question becomes, “how do I stay active and exercise while still enjoying myself on vacation?”  A standard solution that fits many people’s

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Personal trainer and client giving each other high five
Behavior Change and MotivationFitness

A hypothetical person, we will call him Justin, has a thought: he will wake up at 6:00 a.m. and go to the gym. He closes his eyes to sleep, filled with great intentions to exercise the next day. He even sets his alarm for 5:50 a.m. just in case.  In

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