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Body Type Training and Dieting

Do you have trouble losing body fat, yet seem to gain it after even the smallest slip up with your diet? Or does it feel like you can eat for days without gaining an ounce? It could have something to do with your current body type. But is it really

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Fitness Social Media Micro Influencers
Business of FitnessFitness

Social media is ripe for fitness content, and certified fitness leaders have always had a strong impact on health-related beliefs and behaviors. So even if you don’t have millions of followers—most fitness pros don’t!—you’re in a perfect position to move forward as a micro-influencer, especially with your training credentials.

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Certified Personal TrainerCESFitness

What is thoracic outlet syndrome? Are there assessments that personal trainers can consider to identify it, and can corrective exercise programming help? Thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) is a condition involving the vessels of the neck, shoulder and arm. The bundle of nerves, veins and arteries – neurovascular bundle – is

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Certified Personal TrainerExercise ProgrammingFitness

“You need good form,” or “technique is everything” are just a couple of the staple statements you hear fitness professionals and strength coaches say. This is what personal trainers are known and hired for, making sure that the client is using good technique. What happens when a client starts to

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FitnessFitness TipsSports PerformanceWinter Sports

The terrain has changed; leaves have fallen, the weather is colder and for many, snow is covering the ground indicating that winter is really here. For those who enjoy exercising outdoors, your activities may have become somewhat limited with what you can do; snow covered streets and sidewalks don’t make

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