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Summer is a great time of the year filled with sunshine, green grass, and of course barbecues! A summer barbecue is one of life’s simple pleasures. Now is the time to get outside, fire up your grill and enjoy some delicious, healthy foods with your friends and family. What could

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Summer is a carefree transition for feet, going from the confines of boots and high heels to flip-flops or the complete freedom of going barefoot. To make this transition comfortable and safe for your clients, consider

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Training a bunch of mud runners or workout warriors? We’ve got a plan that works. Traditional gym work won’t fully prepare your clients for the challenges of the hot new obstacle-course races. These events demand full-body fitness that is less about how much weight you can move and more about

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Keeping athletes and clients performing at their peak while also avoiding heat-related illnesses takes preparation and planning. Bodies need time to adapt to the increased physiological demands of training in warm environments. But even with preparation and planning, heat illnesses can and still do occur.

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It’s summer vacation time and you’re ready for a road trip!  By choosing to take the road less traveled perhaps you haven’t mapped out the fitness facilities on the way to your destination. Before you drive away and leave your fitness routine by the door, consider these three Optimum Performance

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